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We were talking, just the other day About small time things how we love to play But the talk soon drifted to the darker things in life And you mentioned, how your world had changed When you found out how my worlds arranged Well I guess my sin is not knowing when to lie 'Cause I'll never be, never be, what you want me to be I'll never see, never see what you want me to see And I know now, it's all just lost in your eyes No I'll never be, never be what you want me to be Never see, never see, what you want me to see And I know now it's all just lost in your eyes In your lies I saw a picture of you and me And it all rushed back how it used to be All those feelings that were gospel such a long time ago And I thought to myself that I wanted you back But I know in my mind that it's only a trap Well I guess those feelings are better just left alone You know, when it all comes down to it, maybe we were just too much alike But I know, when it comes down to it I guess it doesn't really matter It's over

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