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I remember how it used to be, and all the things you said to me. You always taught me right from wrong. (Wrong from right, right from wrong) 'Til you went on the killing spree, and killed your family. Why is this the way things have to be? Oh Mr. Smiley, how could it be true, the things they say that they knew? I can't believe it! What has happened to you? I took my time while thinking it through. Digging through facts, believing in you. Oh Mr. Smiley. Give me a clue, why they said it was you, I can't accept it! Tell me it's not true. Because you were once so good to me, oh Mr. Smiley tell me how it could be. You always had a smile on your face, I never thought you'd become a criminal case. Until I saw your face on my TV. Was it just for entertainment? Because now you face solitary confinement, in jail. Why is this the way it has to be? Tell me! Oh Mr. Smiley, what has happened to you? Tell me it's not true!

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