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Versuri Naked Days

there will be light in the street/ a cold coffin merry sweet/ one more dead killer/ waiting/ losing his love/ now he lives in seclusion/ counting his days/ he has hopelessly won/ knocked out of breath/ he is facing the sun/ whose drugs are these/ make me colorful please/ diving in summer/ come on come on/ you are a child in wonder/ there will love in the heat/ naked days and jealous weeks/ white shoes in leather/ fading/ losing their shine/ dollar bills made of sadness/ asking you are these things mine/ chasing the stream/ on through the night/ you are standing in stone/ someone turn on the light/ make me colorful please/ diving in summer/ come on come on/ you are a child/ in wonder/ is it true that you can take one/ is it through you i will play on/ i am used to being so done/ all this will change before it is through/ some who will lose and never say/ hold me i'm weak/ break bread with your hero/ listen to jealousy speak/ i will complicate all i meet/ saying life is good and/ death is sweet/ all this in vain/ no wonder i'm older again

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