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Versuri Chance Of A Lifetime

First of all I'm not as down as you And there is a better way To walk around these days I don't believe in cool I went to summer school There was a man unkown Stripped himself down to the bone And he said Hey, give me nothing, I'm from nowhere And you don't know my name He doesn't exist Guess I just missed Chance of a lifetime Romance and white wine Easy living A new beginning Blind as wood And there's not a bone in my body that's good I watch the tanks roll by Disguising themselves as the ambulance Who will race to the show Waving flowers and caskets, oh no It's just another win for hope and a heart made of tin If I were alive I would slow dance in the ghetto And sleep beneath the street Doesn't exist Guess I just missed Chance of a lifetime Christmas and sweet pine Easy living A new beginning Left all alone Watching breakups and afternoon drama I must have lost my mind She was trapped on the bus With a kiss in her hand And when the screams died down Her lips were on fire Spitting magic around There was one more mile It was long it was long I would float on the thermals of laughter High where I belong It doesn't exist Guess I just missed Chance of a lifetime Lemonade and sunshine Easy living It's just beginning

Muzica straina Chance Of A Lifetime. Versurile ultima melodie Creeper Lagoon cuvintele asculta versuri cantece piesa asculta versuri mp3 ultima melodie muzica.

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