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The needle's gone real deep, I'm on the road to Hell Brains decay but the engine's still roaring! A poisonous shot in the deep of the crimson tides Yeah, I'm high but Christ is not... no! Bound to cross my veins became religion, a void that bled The maladjusted, the scum of the earth But preacher, its payback time, keep on spreading your lies You're only food for the bitter harvest The snake fights fools... Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth Come on, let's kill this parasite So does the bastard live in me still? I walked unto the altar and I saw the fear Won't you take my hand God? I'm your son Feel the addiction I have returned to shoot me free And fuck you hard because you always want more All hail the Nazarene... rotten to the core! Attack paradise And rape angel white To be mastermind Just cut all gods' tongues A tight grip on me Ha ha! I burn in Hell No one makes me slave God remains insane Burden of no taste Life's reality If I had a choice I would cease to be But can death destroy The Hero of Hate? Reborn addicted Let my blood go free! Free! Slavestate birth! The unstoppable forces in everywhere For heaven lives only in your head Worship fools! The storm of sin you can't resist But there's no sense in beliefs, burial stimulates defeat Weak fate... Go down! The mystery man lurks in the dead man's heart In league while the Dog and Hell awaits the injured soul Jesus loves you!

Versuri muzica versuri ultima melodie. Album ultima melodie mp3 cantece Crown piesa muzica straina piesa Mysterion melodiei cuvintele.

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