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As cold as ice The satanist heart No vain strife To reach the goal The fullmoon shines within The temple of the mind As the way unfolds By its own ...Glistening... - ...Immalucate... All that is gold does not glitter Not all those who wander are lost The old that is strong does not wither Deep roots are not reached by the frost From the ashes a flame shall be woken From the shadows a new light shall spring Renewed is the hope that was broken As the crownless again shall be king Harmony and blasphemy As one with the light and the void Beyond sun and stars Luscious - Gorgeous by pound Through honey crush produced Flood eternity and its whispered moan I dream a thousand diamonds Delirous mind Leave the symphony behind ...Stillness Summer's sad blood Rain put through void... The church strikes midnight For your rotten soul Pay for your sins We hit your lies Mad as drunk forests Scream like life under light As your soul's being dragged through 365 chambers of pain ...Forever! Run with heave - Over you are Why soar time Delicate moments of hazy tripping Above and about When after swimmed away As some melting wax ANd their ugly frantic worship Is easy gone As rust rose Next shadow nears Raw and repulsive Our lives ache As the sweet days recall Love always drives your head Show my one true road When all is one - Are you morbid? On the other side - Are you morbid? When all is one - Are you morbid? Are you morbid? - When all is gone...

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