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(Paul Simon) "To hatch a crow, a black rainbow Bent in emptiness over emptiness But flying -Ted Hughes In my little town I grew up believing God keeps His eye on us all And He used to lean upon me As I pledged allegiance to the wall Lord I recall My little town Coming home after school Flying my bike past the gates Of the factories My mom doing the laundry Hanging our shirts In the dirty breeze And after it rains There's a rainbow And all of the colors are black It's not that the colors aren't there It's just imagination they lack Everything's the same Back in my little town In my little town I never meant nothin' I was Just my father's son Saving my money Dreaming of glory Twitching like a finger On the trigger of a gun Leaving nothing but the dead and dying Back in my little town descarca muzica straina cuvinte. Descarca My little town versuri ultima melodie melodiei melodiei Paul Simon muzica cantece album mp3 versuri.

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