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copyright Crystal Lewis 2000 thank you for being my friend for being the one on whom i depend weââ¬â¢ve been a team come rain or shine come win or lose whatââ¬â¢s yours has been mine i love you my friend for giving to me for being my confidant for letting me be me for sharing your heart for taking a stand i want to be like you i love you - my friend iââ¬â¢ll never forget the secrets we kept the stories we told the nights we never slept the tears that we cried the heartaches we shared somehow gave me hope when it seemed no one cared thereââ¬â¢ve been times i felt my life was coming to an end you stood by me, my friend i thank God for sending someone like you to me iââ¬â¢m glad weââ¬â¢ve got eachother the years will pass and times will change but one thing will always stay the same - weââ¬â¢ll always be friends

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