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At the final hurdle of a long, long race With the pack nippinââ¬â¢ at your heels Would you spring into action for the final push Or stop for a rest on the field. Just like that race you could slacken your pace Fall in sin and be left behind Or dig down deep for the will to compete And hear the Father say, ââ¬ÅWell done,ââ¬Â as you cross that finish line youââ¬â¢d better [Chorus] Jump! Get to it!! Donââ¬â¢t you know this isnââ¬â¢t a game. Youââ¬â¢d better Jump! Just do it!! Dedicate your heart to Him Come on and Jump! With a high rise fire crawling right up your back As you freeze at the window sill. Would you leap to your rescue waiting down below Or stay there burn and be killed. Just like that fire you could fret and perspire Hesitate and youââ¬â¢ll pay the price The alternative is the desire to live Fall into the Fatherââ¬â¢s arms and receive eternal life [Chorus]

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