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Well Mr. Churchill says, Mr. Churchill says We gotta fight the bloody battle to the very end Mr. Beaverbrook says we gotta save our tin And all the garden gates And empty cans are gonna make us win We shall defend our island On the land and on the sea We shall fight them on the beaches On the hills and in the fields We shall fight them in the streets Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed to so few 'Cos they have made our British Empire A better place for me and you And this was their finest hour Well Mr. Montgomery says And Mr. Mountbatten says We gotta fight the bloody battle to the very end As Vera Lynn would say We'll meet again someday But all the sacrifices we must make before the end Did you hear that plane flying overhead There's a house an fire and there's someone lying dead We gotta clean up the streets And get me back on my feet Because we wanna be free Do your worst and we'll do our best We're gonna win the way that Mr. Churchill says Oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! oh! Well Mr. Churchill says We gotta hold up our chins We gotta show some courage and some discipline We gotta black up the windows and nail up the doors And keep right on till the end of the war

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