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Our Star doesn't know who he is any more. Is he the starmaker, the image maker, looking for material or is he just plain boring little Norman after all? Perhaps he should accept that he is a plain ordinary bloke and not try to be something he is not. (A) Face In The Crowd I've got to stop faking it, I've got to start facing it, I'm going to take my final bow Then I'm going to take my place in the crowd. I know I'll get used to it, I've got to stop acting like a clown. I've gotta start facing up to what I really am. I've got to realise l'm just an ordinary man. I think that I'll just settle down And take my place in the crowd. I don't want to lie to myself any more. Am I just a face in the crowd, is that all I'll ever be? Don't want to be anything that isn't really me. Mister, can you tell me who I am? Do you think I stand out Or am I just a face in the crowd?

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