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This town belongs to you and your tricks of confidence All the pavements for miles around are littered with your footprints Now every girl I get close to seems to be wearing your perfume And the clock strikes the letters of your name Both midnight and noon But I used to shoot my mouth off Till you'd had enough of me Once or twice nightly I know I've got my faults And among them I CAN'T CONTROL MY TONGUE But if you didn't believe me Why did you have to leave me With my mouth almighty Mouth almighty that's what I've got Mouth almighty telling you what's what Mouth almighty I wish I'd never opened my mouth almighty SO I THREW AWAY THE ROSE AND HELD ONTO THE THORN Crawling round with my crooner cufflinks and my calling card cologne But the realization of being replaced starts to tell tales across my face Without a soul to talk to or a hair out of place

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