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Versuri Lovable

(chorus) It's going round the town It's going round the town It's going round the town You're so lovable My baby gave me notice to quit I just can't get used to it She broke my little heart in two Now somebody else is being the same old you (chorus) My baby has Egyptian eyes And a wicked look beyond compare If you thought I was a fool for you Then I must be a bigger fool for her (chorus) He'd turn the flowers of springtime into a wreath He says he'd love you eternally I say please please can't you keep it brief They say they're going to bury you Because you're so lovable Put your money where your mouth was You're so lovable Each tender mumble brings us closer to bedlam You're so lovable The toast of the town and the talk of the bedroom You're so lovable You're so sweet You're so honest You say `I'll be true to you boy' But I won't promise Then you say you love me Then you show me As you lie there so lifelike below me (chorus)

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