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Spend your lazy, endless crazy Days inside my head. You're so selfish, you're not the only One who thinks he's dead. I'm paid to smile, now I'm on trial For what you think I said. Cuz I never said that everything would be okay, And I never said that we would live to see another day. CHORUS Motivate me I wanna get myself outta this bed. Captivate me I want good thoughts inside of my head. When I fall down would you come around Pick me right up off the ground? Im realistic, and narsosistic You say I'm selfish and absurd. You try to change me, You try to save me, You say I'm gonna learn. I'm so blind, I'm out of time, You're so unkind sometimes. I never lied, I never lied, I never lied.... Cuz I never said that everything would be ok, I never said that we would live to see another day... CHORUS

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