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Versuri Change (acoustic)

Ohhh....on and on and on and on and on On and on and on and on and on I am lost in the see-thru I think you lost yourself too Throughout all of this confusion I think we'll somehow make it through Each day just drags on by Bringing with you a new life Just when I think I could die You come and bring me back to life, and you say You can't change the way you feel And you can't tell me this ain't real, cuz this is real In the end it's all I've got, so I'm gonna hold on (and on and on...) On and on and on Ohhh....on and on and on Now you've got me watching your eyes Got me waiting just to see If it goes away, it never will Your eyes are watching me...oh And I practiced all the things I'd say To tell you how I feel And when I finally get my chance it all seems so surreal And now you got me thinking 'bout the first time that I met you And now I can't foret you, now I won't forget you, you say Chorus

Versurile versuri album piesa cuvinte cantece ultima melodie muzica straina Change (acoustic) ultima melodie cuvinte. Versuri melodiei ultima melodie album asculta cantece piesa Good Charlotte.

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