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Versuri Moonshine (feat savage)

(Chorus): I can't go nowhere unless you're by my side I gotta heve you here I said right here by my side I can't roam the town unless you're by my side I gotta have you around, right here by my side So where's my moonshine 'Cause I'll be all up in the club with you yeah So where's my moonshine You know I spend my last dub for you yeah So where's my moonshine I feel so nice with you yeah So where's my moonshine Wanna spend my whole life with you yeah I snuck into this club when I was 15 And I met my girl at the bar, such a sweet thing Every time I held her she would always kiss me Every touch of her lips would always make me tipsy I told her, man I love you Pulled her to the dance floor And that's when she whispered Be careful what you ask for I grabbed her by the waist And I sat her on the table Explained how the heartburn She's giving me is painful And now you wanna leave 'Cause you feel empty inside Well none of my friends trust me with you to drive I'm so into you, I hope you're feeling it I need you in my life and the reason is (Chorus) How many times I gotta tell you Why you stressin' me for Yeah I see you need attention I ain't tryin' to ignore I gotta straighten up now, I got work to do You want me to drop everything So it surrounds you Man I love you so much It makes me sick to my stomach And I love it how I can vomit And you think nothing of it I never meant to argue with you, please forgive Girl I need you in my life and the reason is (Chorus) Ya see my moonshine She keeps me warm when it rains I forget my problems when she eases the pain And my friends keep telling me to call it a day She don't love ya Savage, it's all in your brain See I don't believe a word That you say to my face I'm in love and I know she feels the same I'll buy you all the ice you want And I'll keep you safe Man I love my alcohol, what more can I say (Chorus)

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