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I won’t (4X) Cause I came too far VERSE 1: Tryin to know what’s going on Echoes on my celluar phone I notice a couple items missin Could it be the Feds still listenin See, I dont beat those cases Did time for the miscellanous And they proceed to keep on watchin Cause I dont seen ‘em lately Interrogated my mom Locked up half of my crew But I can guarantee one thing That I won’t let you… CHORUS: I won’t, let you lock me down I won’t, let you push me round I won’t, let you stop me now I won’t Cause I came too far I won’t, let you ruin my day I won’t, let you stop my pay I won’t, no, not today I won’t Cause I came too far VERSE 2: Devil’s always watchin me Evils always stalkin me God has been protectin me And that’s how I got this far Cause when you look at me, you see an angel Can’t believe I been through half the things that I went through Cause everyday I see a face misconstrued by the human race So please don’t judge me unless you know me Cause I won’t let you CHORUS Came too far to turn back now (2X) Ain’t nobody gonna stop me (2X) Came too far to turn back now (2X) Ain’t nobody gonna stop me (2X) CHORUS I won’t, I won’t…

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