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(Introduction) Yo Mona Lisa, could I get a date on Friday and if your busy, I wouldn't mind taking Saturday. (Wyclef Talking) Right about now, if you are in your jeep. Please turn up your radio. If you don't have a Jeep, and you have a little hooptie I still want you to crank up your volume. We want all the ladies to sit back, relax, let your hair out. Wyclef presents the Neville Brothers in the house tonight. (Neville's Singing) I know a girl, she ruled my world. Whatever I need, she supplied. Living in paradise. She ruled my heart, till death do we part. (Her love was like esctasy) *Chorus* Atleast thats how I thought it would be. (So Neville brothers what you telling me) Atleast that how I thought it would be (One question, what was her name) Mona Lisa, you called my name. Laid it apart but I did not respond And you ask me what I am thinking of In the morning I'll be gone, no more loving after dawn. No longer we can share the love that was never there. When the moon has lost its light. And the stars no longer bright And no longer can we share, the love that was never there. (Ain't no need to cry girl. Its gonna be alright) Girl don't you cry. (Girl don't you cry) Please dry your eyes All you ever been was faithful in my life. So I apologize I hope the future brings us back together. Atleast that's how I thought it would be. Atleast that's how I thought it would be. (Yo, neville brothers. What was her name) *Repeat Chorus* (Wyclef speaking) Right about now if you are in dance, I want you to hold your girl real tight. We got the neville brothers in the house tonight. Along side Wyclef, you know how we do it. I want to apologize to you. I never wrote a love song. This is my first one.

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