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(feat. Whitney Houston) [Wyclef Jean] Y'all wanna thank y'all for coming out tonight to see me Right now put your hands together for original, original diva, original dub plate No one can play this but Refugee's on the number 1 tour Now listen to Miss Whitney Houston (COME WITH IT!) [Whitney Houston] Yo, this is Whitney Houston Yes massive this is the original vocalist I'd like to say rest in peace to Dennis Brown If tomorrow is Judgement Day (light is in the air) And I'm standing on the front line (AIYYO!) Um, and the Lord asks me what I did with my life I would say: Wyclef murdered a sound boy (YO, HUH!) If I wake up in World War III (IF YOU BELIEVE IN THE MOST HIGH HANDS IN THE AIR!) I see the destruction in poverty (EAST COAST, WEST COAST, HEY, HEY!) And I feel like I wanna go home (SOUTH SIDE!) It's okay, as long as Wyclef is with me (North Side, Jamaican, Caribbeanon, Haitian hands in the air, everybody, hey!) My love is your dubbing, my dub is your dub It will take eternity to break us And the change of our start: (LISTEN TO ME!) :as myself is yourself Cause the Refugee sound is the only sound It will take eternity to break us And a million sound boys will die before us [Wyclef Jean] This for the hardcore, before I had the record deal youknowhatI'msayin? I'ma take y'all back when I was walking down the street My little girl saying: Yo Clef, that nigga trying to stick with something Walk over to him and said: Yo.. Wyclef Jean melodia piesa versurile asculta versuri cuvinte versurile. Muzica straina muzica versuri Whitney Houston Dub Plate cuvintele album piesa versurile.

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