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Versuri Missing You

(Vs.1) I'm not in love Its just some kind of thing I'm goin thru Goin' thru, goin' thru And it's not infatuation Ain't nothin goin on between me and you Me and you, me and you But I dream about it every night, baby Wantin you here with me Makin love to me And oh... (Chorus) I'm missin you like crazy Body and soul is achin' I'm out of control Missing you so I'm missing you Missing you I'm missing you Missing you I'm missing you (Vs.2) I'm not in love, oh no no no And that's what I just keep tellin' myself Over and over again And I'm not the least bit amused by it baby Yet still I don't wanna be with nobody else No no no And I dream about you all the time Touchin' and kissin' me And makin love to me And oh... (Chorus) God knows I'm tryin to keep you out of my head I ain't tryin to love no one I ain't tryin to get hurt again, no But there's something that gets under my skin And all I know is I can't let go And that's the way it is (Chorus)

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