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Versuri Love Is All We Need

(Nas) Mary... Live ya life girl... Mmm, Mmm... Ohhhh Love is all we need Said it's all we need Mmmmm... Cause everybody needs love (Vs.1) Love is all we need To make everything complete If we try to live together and be happy You and me are one And we've only just begun So let's make a new beginning and have some fun Oh... (Chorus) Love is all we need Said it's all we need To make everything complete All we need is L-O-V-E Love is all we need Cause to love you would mean everything Cause everybody need love (Vs.2) Dealing with tough times Seems to always blow my mind But I know where my heart is so I am fine If we remain friends It would never ever end And this love I give to you you can depend on, love (Chorus) Love is all we need To make every little thing complete Oh, if you would trust in me I'd let you know, that I love (Chorus) (Rap: Nas) Feel this hit, bangin' in your residential district Presidential chipped out canary rock sizzlin' Mary hot pop crisp shorty got this Fly angel, my dreams of a queen came true In this land that's dark, if you my man, then you my heart I'll blast for you, need bail put up tha cash for you Girls who mad loyal die for you, leave 'em if they actin' too fly for you All up in yo mix then in somebody else six Quick to put yo name in some murder one shit I'm not the one cheatin' on you, or beatin' on you Cause I'm laid back you thought that I was sleepin' on you, Real love make a ill thug feel bugged Nas analyze are you trustworthy by the looks on your eyes Stay wit me, be my dog like Dollar and Richie She convinced me, all we realy need is love strictly (Chorus) You know love is all we need To make everything complete I wanna be happy, we can be happy Don't you wanna be happy with me? You and me are 2 in 1 And our love has just begun And we can love, we can love oh we need it (Chorus) (Nas) One love, one life Live on, stay strong Live ya life girl Cause everybody needs love

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