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This song was written by John Lee Hooker About his wife, her name is Maudie Everytime he has an arguement with her He has to write a new verse to keep her happy He was over here at London a short while back And he taught me this song .......? Oh Maudie, baby, I love you Mmm, baby, I love you Yeah, you've been gone so long Girl, I miss you so Oh Maudie, why did you hurt me? Mmm, Maudie, I said why did you hurt me? You know I need your sweet lovin' like a flower needs the rain Sometimes when they'd have an argument He'd take her by the hand and say, Maudie, you know I love you You know I need you And I got just one thing to say babyâ¦.ho! Hey Maudie, baby don't you know I love you Oh, Maudie, I said baby don't you know I love you I've been gone so long, God, I miss you so much Sometimes Johns old lady She'd turn around to him and say, John, if you don't quit your messin' around baby, I'm gonna walk right outta that door With my bag in my hand. John would say, Hey! Well, Maudie, sweet little girl, baby, Oh Maudie, be my sweet little girl, baby, When you touch my hand My head is all in a whirl now baby I love you Maudie I said I love you Maudie Oh, love you Maudie Ooh, love you Maudie You know I need, I need, I need, need, yeah I said Maudie, baby, I love you Oh Maudie, baby, I love you I love you Maudie You've been gone so long, How I've missed you too much I love you.

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