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The neon sign flashes, Leaves its mark against the wall The TV is silent And will stay that way until dawn The sheets are so cold, The telephone is dumb And I'm so very far from my home In the dark I hear a siren It screams across the night Someone else is in trouble I am not the only one The cigarette glows, I'm all alone And I'm so very far from my home I would leave here tomorrow But I know I've got to stay If only you were here with me I'm holding on to every memory, memory Memory, memory, memory, memory… It is four o'clock in the morning, The sun begins to rise Another day I have to face, Baby, I'm so dissatisfied Breakfast is served The morning news is heard And I'm so very far from my home Yes, I'm so very far from my home Yes, I'm so very far from my home So very… Well, I'm so very far, far away from home So very…

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