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by Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, Joey Covington Put your old ladies back into bed Your old men back into their graves Cover their ears so they can't hear us sing Cover their eyes so that can't see us play Get out of the way Let the people play We're gonna get down on you Come alive all over you Dancin' down into your town Tyrannosaurus Rex was destroyed before By a furry little ball that crawled along The primeval jungle floor And he stole the eggs of the dinosaur CLOSE YOUR EYES & CREATE THE SOUND OPEN YOUR HANDS & REBUILD THE GROUND We are egg snatchers - flashin' sunshine children Diamond thieves You unlease the dogs of a grade-B movie star governor's war While you sit in the dark - insane with the fear of dying We'll ball in your parks - insane with the flash of living I AM ALIVE I AM HUMAN I WILL BE ALIVE AGAIN So drop your fuckin' bombs Burn your demon babies I WILL BE AGAIN - The rabid lover-feelin' the starch in your grin Callin' for acid cocaine and grass And receiving your homemade gin PUSH THE BUTTON PULL THE SWITCH CUT THE BEAM C'MON MAKE IT MARCH Sign me up as a diplomat - my only office is the park You need to be out before you come in And after you come you go In the midst of Yang is a smaller part of Yin And when it happens you know - THE DAWN COMES HEY DICK Whatever you think of us is totally irrelevant Both to us now and to you We are the present We are the future You are the past Pay your dues and get outta the way 'Cause we're not the way you used to be When you were very young We're something new We don't quite know what it is Or particularly care We just do it - You gotta do it Open your eyes there's a new world a-comin' Open your eyes there's a new world today Open your hearts people are lovin' Open it all we're here to stay OPEN THAT DOOR

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