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Words: Kantner, Slick, Balin, Blackman Music: Kantner The summer was dry like your nose when you've been behind coke for a day and a season We sail out into the grasshopper nite and we seek the righteous poison Sunday morning in speedway, y'know the people come around for a reason SUNDAY MORNIN SUNDAY MORNIN The land is green and you make it grow, go to the forest and move The sound of thundering electrical energy calls us to the park in the noon C'mon anybody-now fill my pipe * to the park * to the forest and move When I feel you coming round me - ridin in the sun Goin home move your mind toward Mars and then beyond Genesis is not the answer to what we had before I we altogether in you You know I remember the 23rd of November To the abyss of Chicago you can see the barbed wire - pigs around a lot of nothin The witch hunters wail and they bark and they wheeze and they try to turn us onto their poison You know - a starship circlin in the sky - it ought to be ready by 1990 They'll be buildin it up in the air even since 1980 People with a clever plan can assume the role of the mighty and HIJACK THE STARSHIP Carry 7000 people past the sun And our babes'll wander naked thru the cities of the universe Cmon free minds, free bodies, free dope, free music the day is on its way the day is ours You breathe out You breathe in And the glow of the machine'll get you on Moving slow, don't feel the changes Gracefully growing - as wild as we can be Only the sun knows what we really need to know Only the sun holds the secret And more than human can we be Cause human's truly locked To this planetary circle You gotta ride said the Doktor of space I have lived here once before The lites in the nite are a village of stars Of stars that I have explored Beyond the idea of beyond the void And beyond that and more Parallel lines in this village of stars Will lead you to the second door And time won't wait for the Doktor of space from the city of the sun to come WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE CHAOS OR COMMUNITY CAN'T YOU SEE - ON THIS AND FUTURE SUNDAYS 7000 Gypsies swirlin together Offering to the sun in the name of the weather Gonna Hijack - HIJACK THE STARSHIP

Cuvintele ultima melodie melodiei cuvinte cuvinte. Asculta Hijack versuri muzica straina mp3 cuvinte piesa Paul Kantner album versuri album album.

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