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Six weeks after the burial Of the young beautiful Mary I walk with a spade towards the Great cemetery in which she's dead Mary McEnroe, I've known you since I was two When we were nine, you were so fine, you were only mine At twenty-five you met Clive, you became his bride At twenty-seven you reached heaven because of me I dig in the mud, a coffin I see in which you must be... I jump in the grave Jump in the grave, eager to meet you In there you lay In there you lay, a pleasure to meet you again I carry you up I carry you up, I just want to see you again... We dance on the grave and we move like the sea This process reeks, you've been dead now for weeks Still you've got charm but I can't find your arms Mary bloody Mary is dead But I kept her beautiful head

Melodia ultima melodie Mary Bloody Mary cantece mp3 descarca versuri cuvinte melodia. Melodia versuri muzica straina album Defleshed melodiei.

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