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I killed a police-wife with a rusty knife Then cut through sinews and bloodways Must I continue ? It's a shame this art is forgotten I'm collecting all that is rotten I love go killing, it's rather thrilling So happy when I find a jelly warm piece of mind Sometimes I wanna see them choking I'll be damned if you think I'm joking I've ripped some eyes I've stripped the thice, I'm not telling lies Down at the bay I throw them away Practising death, I've messed around As I love to be, it strenghtens me Put some in the ground 'cause when it's hot it sooner rot I drilled a hole there too To make the sun shine through (and making love there too) I master high-tech death And to drink their breaths Taking LSD, it's helping me to see As I slayed that sweet Mary Call it robbery Gazing at the sky...wawing When I'm flying high...raving I killed a police-wife with a rusty knife It could have been you Must I continue ?

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