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Versuri Make it double

It's time to het a bit crazy This night is a devilish child Come Lady, come get dizzy Hey! Come with me honey rip this night It's time to jump in a limousine This time is brimming with life It's a rush, you better get more kerosine Come with me for a burning ride Hey brother make it double! ' Cause who knows how long your can Please don't ever mind the trouble just like me This time I feel like Willy Willy Shabby was a fatalist boy When the end came he wasn't shilly shally Hey! Come with me Willy boy just once more Its time, go cross the river Cross the Styx with the ferrymen's ship The other world is just another bummer If you pay at the devil's inn leave a tip Hey brother make it double 'Cause who knows how long you can Please don't ever mind the trouble live a life that's worth to spend You just never know what's coming Squeeze out every drop you can If the bad fate cuts your running you'll always have your rest

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