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Versuri Just a dream

I was down in the Hell's Ditch along with my fears where time fell asleep and it's dreaming I saw a girl wrapped up in tears It was you, once again you I reached out my hand straight to you... Just a dream... I met ramblers and gamblers hunters and prey The aimlessly roamed in the jungle Begging was useless even to pray but you could walk on the waves under the skies and over the shades Come Lady, come Come be real Come Lady, come through the dreams to me Down in the town where the damned people live I heard soft moans and loud screaming There was a sound that come to my ears it was you, once again you I reached out my hands straight to you... Just a dream... Now I'm just stuck to the counter without any dreams Time is awake in the morning I can see you down on the street and it's you, oh the real you selling your charms deep in the blue Come Lady, come come call in here Come Lady, come We'll blow away this dream...

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