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Versuri Lowside of the road

I'm on a black elevator Goin down Little Joe from Kokomo It rattles to the ground The dice is laughin at the man that he throwed Your rollin over to the Lowside of the road. The moon is red and your Dancin real slow 29 miles left to go The chain momkeys Help you with your load You're rollin over to the Lowside of the road Jezebel is naked With an axe The prosecution tell you To relax Your head feels like it's ready To explode You're rollin over, you're rollin over Well the clapper has been ripped Out of the bell The flapper has been kicked right Out of hell When the horse whips the Man that he rode You're rollin over to the Lowside of the road The dog won't bite if you beat Him with a bone She's so shy when she's Talkin on the phone The round rises up and starts to groan You're rollin over to the Lowside of the road

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