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(Tom Waits/K. Brennan) They're lining up To mad dog your tilta whirl 3 shots for a dollar Win a real live doll All the lies that you tell I believed them so well. Take them back Take them back to your red house For that fearful leap into the dark I did my time In the jail of your arms Now Ophelia wants to know Where she should turn Tell me...what did you do What did you do the last time? Why don't you do that Go on ahead and take this the wrong way Time's not your friend Do you cry. Do you pray Do you wish them away Do you still leave nothing But bones in the way Did you bury the carnival Lions and all Excuse me while I sharpen my nails And just who are you this time? You look rather tired (Who drinks from your shoe) Are you pretending to love Well I hear that it pays well How do your pistol and your Bible and your Sleeping pills go? Are you still jumping out of windows in expensive clothes? Well I fell in love With your sailor's mouth and your wounded eyes You better get down on the floor Don't you know this is war Tell me who are you this time? Tell me who are you this time?

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