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They're tearing the pieces of my mind They fake and surely can't leave us Technology understands Who pulls the strings of sinking Earth My pride cannot stand another fail Nomore mistakes to complain Quite face looking down Once we dreamed of something new Now this all is wasting us Shattered figures roaming on The innerself of the system Scared to belive existance You cannot choose what will remain Can't keep these thoughts They took away You need a tool for apathy Somewhere you hear the ancient whisper When they Lies Wrote Mysteries Somewhere you hear the ancient whisper When they Lies Wrote Mysteries They're assuring to make all this better How much to take only empty promises Within-Whitout They're pulling fast Not much to forsee Scared to belive...

Ultima melodie Lies Wrote Mysteries versuri ultima melodie descarca muzica straina versuri. album album descarca piesa Am I Blood.

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