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I sleep alone tonight Before I wake I always see That dream where everything is dark But I feel I`m tied with chains It won`t let me go it won`t let me wake Before I`ve seen that scary thing Which makes my life like misery Walk through there`s a cradle where you`re crying Laughing crowd with a sound too strange I`ve seen it from everyside and everytime I`m loosing that same It could satisfied my hunger Leave me be I`ve gone with you This waiting hour seems to last like pain I feel inside Every morning the same dream makes me Weak and suffer Taste me You`ll see when it ends Before there`s something to control me Won`t resist you if you choose to do your own way But the anger there`s left For longer there will be no rest I'll drag you down with me I`ve Gone With You Somewhere-Nowhere-Someday You`ve seen a poor child begging He became diposed to anger So the world raised its hand against ignorent son And the anger there`s left will never fade from this head I`ll drag you down with me I`ve Gone With You Somewhere-Nowhere-Someday

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