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In the darkness I will shine, cast no shadows, not define I walk on water, float on air, there's no other to compare I have this fascination, no cause for deviation It's called levitation There's no cause to start and scream, nor rub your eyes, This is no dream Although I sit upon this chair, I rise and float up in the air I have this fascination, no cause for deviation It's called levitation Magnetic force, repel-attract, once it starts, there's no turning back I offer you this chance to learn, take it now there's no return And I Hear You Call I must be out of my mind as I hear you call My name is even though I can't see you anywhere Surely this feeling must be coming from something Someone gave me yesterday as I searched for you And I hear you call I hear you call my name But when I turn around There's nothing to be found I must be dreaming a dream of a lunatic My fingers taste like some strawberry ice-cream I hear you call my name but I don't think it's The same I heard you whisper in my ear

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