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Not thirsty am I for the blood Of redeemer of thy greed My hunger can't be satisfied With flesh of thy nazarene No gilded streets of heaven's grace Entice me in thy speech No holy mother doth condone All your pillage war and greed But know thee that all oceans worth Of waters turned holy Won't change the course of river That runs inside of me My blood flows ever skyward And pools where thy black is white For woulst thou not carme at my soul With sword of thy supreme truth Strike me down on my bended knees For thy baptism so soothe My blood flows ever skywawrd And pools where thy black is white Alone am I to raise my head In the starless forest night album piesa Greed melodia cuvinte melodia muzica straina versuri versuri. Amorphis album cuvintele ultima melodie melodiei.

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