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Versuri Legalize Telepathy

From the Albums: * Face it * Last blast of the century You cook my brain in your favorite pot You fry my eggs till theyââ¬â¢re sizzlinââ¬â¢ hot You like to give it everythinââ¬â¢ you got and everythinââ¬â¢s for free, everythinââ¬â¢ for free Make all the girls at the beauty parlor Jump up and down and scream and holler Just like a lapdog on a leash with a collar Thatââ¬â¢s what youââ¬â¢re makinââ¬â¢ me, thatââ¬â¢s what you make outta me I ainââ¬â¢t no professor, I ainââ¬â¢t got no degree but I sure as hell know how to read the little notes you keep sendinââ¬â¢ The bottom line always gets to me What do you mean? Legalize, legalize, legalize telepathy Legalize, legalize, legalize telepathy You always go where I wanna be goinââ¬â¢ You always know what I wanna be knowinââ¬â¢ You always do what I wanna be doinââ¬â¢ now ainââ¬â¢t that telepathy, with a capital E.S.P..?

Legalize Telepathy muzica straina versuri melodia melodia cantece versuri. Golden Earring versurile muzica.

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