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Versuri Baby Dynamite

From the Album: * Cut With a dream in her pocket Flightticket in hand She's going off to the crazy land Green pastures - like blankets unfold Out the door & down the hall Crazy river, with a cold shiver Into doop water she dives She's got herself involved & now it's evolved Into interstellar overdrive Well I know she's got a talent for finding me When she happens to be in the vicinity She'll be on the phone When the dancin's done Probably all alone My baby dynamite - your lucky stars are out tonight And your cards are on the table All the odds are in your favour Dynamite - heaven says you're doin' allright With a heart that's shaped like a diamond You've been cut for the assignment Don't be a moth - hidin' pain When your wings go up in flame Money is a rocket - blow it skyhigh The more you get - the more you fly Green pastures that unfold A future carved out of solid gold... Found in a river - hidin' a treasure Impossible to find And your soul's sold to the payroll While it's tryin' to have a good time Stayin' up - walkin' around Talkin' muscle & makin' sounds Like baby dynamite

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