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Versuri Leech (demo)

Oooh, yeah! Tell me why ya' came. Tell me why your here. Tell me why your voice is always ringin' in my ear. Ya' wanna be tha' man hangin' with my crew? Who the hell are you through? I see your always at my shows, always with my bro's, Always findin' places where I think nobody goes. I can't seem to shake you from this, so then I might have to break you from this. CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME BE YOU LEECH! Oh, get it straight. Can't you take a hint. Thought you had a friend. It's such a shame that your comin' around again. And I'd really love to take you out like Chuck Norris. Instead I'd kick him with tha' vocal, slap him with tha' chorus. Man, I really shouldn't have to beg. The big mistake was when your mom and daddy hit tha' bed. Ahh, you seem to not get tha' picture. So I'll frame this script and it gripped ya'. CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE ME BE YOU LEECH! Stop stickin' around [x3]

Leech (demo) cuvinte versurile versuri melodia versurile Limp Bizkit album asculta. Muzica straina versuri piesa asculta muzica ultima melodie Rock piesa piesa.

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