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Versuri Wish you were here

So, so you think you can tell Heaven from hell Blues skies from pain Can you tell a green field From a cold steel rail A smile from a vail Do you think you can tell So, do you think we can change Everybody that hates Before it's too late So proud to be free But who can we blame Don't be ashamed Do you think we can change How I wish How I wish you were here We're one lost soul swimming in a fish bowl Year after year Running over the same old ground What have we found The same old fears Wish you were here We don't need Need anymore pain We just need to remain on the very same page So much to gain No more losing a friend We're losing ourselves We just need your help So glad your here So glad your here

Asculta versuri Limp Bizkit Wish you were here melodiei asculta asculta Rock. Versurile versuri cuvinte cuvinte muzica straina cuvintele asculta album.

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