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Versuri Leave It Up To Me

It's the kids baby, it's the kids baby It's the kids c'mon It's the kids baby, it's the kids baby And you know I'm coming through It's the kids baby, it's the kids baby It's the kids c'mon It's the kids baby, leave it up Leave it up to me Leave it up to the kids grown-ups own up Even when they mess up acting like It's all sewn up, mom and dad think We need to have a talk Let the kids rule the world Boys and girls, you can't blame us for Nada, you taught us to follow orders 'Cos I'm the baby (done da da) Monkey see (ah ah) monkey do no more The buck stops here what's the score We might start a play fight just to Imitate you, don't you feel silly Now shame on you, don't start to cry No I don't blame you, after all you're Just a grown up, watcha gonna do? (Chorus) Yo, it's the kids (keep it locked up) Got to heat it up, heat it up Whats the deal (what you want, Got to give it up, give it up) Make way (put it on Gonna hook it up, hook it up) How's that (leave it up Leave it up to me) Yo, it's the kid (I can do it if I Speed it up, speed it up) What, what (set it off Gonna live it up, live it up) Make way (put it on Gonna hook it up, hook it up) And how's that (leave it up Leave it up to me) When the grown-ups go AWOL Nothin's gonna fall, here come the Young ones, the baby crime busters Big people listen up, relax now We're equal and if the money's right Then we might make a sequel Do I hear a please I love it when you beg me I need a bribe now just to Move my legs, B And I might fit you in if you make way So let me talk to my people We could save the day... (Chorus) Ow ow, ow ow, ow ow (Now what you gonna do) Mom and dad they'll be getting On my nerves, workin' 'em Workin' 'em, is that what I deserve But after many days, hey I want them back tell me who's gonna Bake my cake and all that Who's gonna suffer from My practical jokes and listen when I moan, hey, it's gotta be my folks And who's gonna get me up Ready for the flight and who's gonna Tell me everything's all right But wait a minute, that sounded so soft That won't impress a hot chick Like Lara Croft, don't play me out 'Cos I'll switch you off, you'll be Too old for too long, singing The same song, if you're old enough To vote, then it's time to sit down It's all about the little homies Taking the crown, so if you're Too young to vote, here's your chance To have a say, c'mon everybody Help me save the day (Chorus x2)

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