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Versuri Crazy little party girl

Chorus: Crazy little party girl How I love her Partying around the world - she wants to dance Crazy little party girl There's no other Party party - always ready to dance Time for a party - time to take a chance Turn up the music And we'll dance, dance, dance Good days are coming - lonely days are gone 'Cuz I got a little girl Who wants fun, fun, fun Refrain: Everyone - needs a little time Everyone - a reason for a smile Everyone - wants to love someone Everybody wants to have a... Chorus Don't try to stop her - don't cha wanna know What makes you happy Baby please don't go I got a feeling - that you'll be alright It's a natural feeling And it's high, high, high Refrain Chorus Crazy little party girl, oh (2x) Chorus

Melodia album cuvinte muzica straina Aaron Carter versuri versuri album Crazy little party girl. Melodia piesa melodia Pop melodiei.

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