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Versuri Le cirque en rose (obsolescence)

Once far away, through a dimension adjacent the day, transcending azure surrounds. One more try to hypnotize, a true life suspension. But to always remain in league with Poseidon. Another chance to undermine as the dead rose decides to come alive. We'll see how low birds can fly, still it's yellow derriere the crystal eye. Come sign away, you can leave your worries behind. But like the winds we'll pass you by, fill your days with blandness. And now has ome the time to defame and ill divine. The how determines the newer regime and who's the Constantine. Le cirque en rose. So crowned we stroll through lie, never quit, rain or shine. Never question what's inside, till the last beat... end of time, So go fly away to that special place.

Le cirque en rose (obsolescence) melodia Deadsy cantece album mp3 melodiei versuri melodiei muzica straina. Descarca versuri album.

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