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Now you know Places where I live When I couldn't grow Downward you'll soon drift On the sailless boat Nothing left to give All I see is throat Flowing glower Witless knower Seedless sower If it's all a lie Will you realise? Right before we die My soul leads to the wrong Changeling of the night Now that I bleed a song Purely based on fright Sad with my face so long I have this new sight Flowing glower Witless knower Five steps lower If I tell a lie Will you realise? Numb the pain Way high and real low Now it feels the same Have love or feel so Hollowed out with shame Hoping to see the day With my brand new name Flowing glower Seedless sower I'm bipolar If I die tonight Will you be alright? Then in time you'll find Thirst becomes boring Quest your heart and mind Now that we're soaring Over space and time Done with exploring All you are is mine Flowing glower Ruthless flower Breathless blower If it's all a lie Will you realise? Seek and you shall find Everything inside Read between the lines I'll show you the light Here in the afterlife

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