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Versuri Lay Down Beside Me

Oh yeah, baby yes Something about the way you moved that caught my eye I really did have to try it I can't deny it The way your body swayed as I watched you from behind Got me so exited How could I fight it? Baby let me be the one to hold you To give you the things I know you miss You know we can wait another lifetime and we can never find a love just like this Chorus: If you lay down Lay down beside me You can get all inside me And I can get all inside you too If you lay down, lay down beside me You can wake up beside me forever forever and ever forever and ever baby Let's take this chance to get to know each other better Maybe we will discover we can be more then lovers I'll give you what you need Just come to me and get it Baby, you won't regret it No, no, no, no, baby Baby move a little closer, yes I wanna feel your body next to mine and before this night is over You will just know what it means to be loved until you scream Chorus Tonight we'll find Find just what we've been looking for Good good love and a whole lot more Hold on, real tight Hold me and don't you let go not till I tell you to Chorus

Mp3 mp3 Pop melodia muzica Lay Down Beside Me muzica cantece versuri asculta. Backstreet Boys versuri descarca muzica straina album melodia.

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