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Versuri Betcha by golly wow

There's a spark of magic in your eyes and Candyland appears each time you smile Never thought that fairytales came true But they come true, when I'm near you Your a genie in disguise Full of wonder and surprise And, Betcha by golly Wow! Your the one that I've been waiting for forever Forever will my love for you keep growing strong Keep growing strong Ladies, sometimes a man can't find the words To express all he feels inside But ever just so often the words of another, who's truly in love Seem to work our just fine To say I love you To say..... I love you Keep growing strong Keep growing strong

Mp3 melodiei Pop Backstreet Boys versuri versurile piesa versurile. Asculta muzica straina cantece versuri cuvinte cuvinte Betcha by golly wow descarca ultima melodie asculta.

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