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Versuri Lady Of The Harbor

by David Crosby and Craig Doerge Our lady of the harbor Lady of the light An immigrant like all who came before She says give me your homeless Your landless and your poor Come see what we believe Behind this open door That all are created equal And given half a chance They can work out all their differences Their distance in the dance. How many eyes, through how many tears Saw the promised land when they saw you For how many years The country's got so big We hardly know one another It's hard to think someone you don't know could really be your brother. But wasn't that the idea When we started out In school that what they said The constitution was about And many good men died maybe more next week So we could have the freedom To believe and think and speak. And anyway sweet lady I just wanted you to know There's a lot of us out here Who like to see your torch's glow. (c) 1988 Stay Straight Music (BMI)/Fair Star Music Inc. (ASCAP) Additional Vocals: Bonnie Raitt Drums & Percussion: Russ Kunkel Bass: Leland Sklar Keyboards: Craig Doerge Guitar: Mike Landau versuri cantece cuvinte melodia versuri Lady Of The Harbor descarca cuvintele. David Crosby muzica straina ultima melodie piesa cantece melodiei mp3.

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