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by David Crosby You know what I miss Small things, like textures and flavors How close up everything used to feel Till this distance came in our lives...distance came in our lives It always happens when you're trying to get next to someone When you want to reach their heart. You cannot get close start Talking. Talking straight to one another. Do you remember The things you used to write on the dashboard in the dust? And the way we never, never we never thought this car would rust Till this distance came in our lives. Distance came in our lives. It always happens when you're trying to get next to someone When you want to reach her heart. You cannot get close, close, close enough to start Talking...talking straight to one another Talking and talking and talking Across these distances in our lives. distances in our lives distances in our lives. (c) 1986 Guerilla Music Inc. (BMI) Acoustic guitar: David Crosby Electric guitar: Dan Kortchmar Bass: George Perry Electric piano: Kenny Kirkland Electric piano: Graham Nash Drums: Joe Vitale Percussion: Joe Lala

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