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Kiss The Rain - Billie Myers Hello Can you hear me? Am I gettin' through to you? Hello Is it late there? There's a laughter on the line Are you sure you're there alone? Cause I'm tryin' to explain Somethin's wrong Ya just don't sound the same Why don't you, why don't you Go outside, go outside Chorus: Kiss the rain Whenever you need me Kiss the rain Whenever I'm gone, too long. If your lips Feel lonely and thirsty Kiss the rain And wait for the dawn. Keep in mind We're under the same skies And the nights As empty for me, as for you If ya feel You can't wait till mornin' Kiss the rain Kiss the rain Kiss the rain Hello Do you miss me? I hear you say you do But not the way I'm missin' you What's new? How's the weather? Is it stormy where you are? Cause I'm so close but it feels like you're so far Oh would it mean anything If you knew what I'm left imagining In my mind, in my mind Would you go, would you go Kiss the rain And you'd fall over me Think of me, think of me, think of me, only me Repeat Chorus Kiss the rain, kiss the rain Kiss the rain, kiss the rain Hello Can ya hear me? Can ya hear me? Can ya hear me?

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