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there is a chance, that I Won't repeat the lessons that i've learnt instead i'll make the same mistakes. pretend for me, dont prove me wrong I broke my legs fallings, so now I'm standing still when this pain don't hurt, i'll stop holding on I'll hit and run, pouring diamond clouds and cobwebs reign the sky, in spite of that I'll stay dry I'll keep hanging on your threads,still afraid of spiders. there is a liar inside my head, thats scared to death to face the truth is this a one way street of promises you'll have to lie to keep i'm broken wide open, your safety catch is on and as my hunger feeds, i can barely breath sweet suicide, the black widow drains the blood of butterflies survivals living proof that keeps me hanging on your threads still afraid of spiders is there more to love than simply because, 'cos pain can hurt it he name of love simply because it does so, if I kiss you now, would kiss me back pour the diamond clouds and cobwebs from the sky yeah yeah yeah yeah i'm afraid to let go, afraid to be alone afraid to give, afraid to own im still hanging on your threads, hanging on your threads hanging on your threads, still afraid of spiders afraid of spiders oh, i'm afraid to let you go, i'm afraid to watch you go say it, wont you say it? say it, say you love me still, oh, I'm afraid to watch you go, Why won't you say it? say you love me still, oh, I'm afraid

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