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Julie, your make up has run streaks Down your face from the tears. Where is the comfort of the loved ones You once held so dear? Always the soul who the friend could confide in, You listened with sorrow, you felt from within. Never a word from that stone face, so silent With chains wrapped around blocking light From you blue eyes. [Chorus] Julie, although you're alone in this world There must be someone to run to, And somewhere to hide When the pain becomes too much to bear. The past behind you has left scars That still burn to the touch. And I'm so sorry now Julie, But I'd just like to help you so much. Such strong emotions, it seems like you passions Are hidden with sorrow and fear. Julie, it will tear you apart that you see life, So stripped down and lonely So honestly clear. [Repeat Chorus] What would it take, To see you smile and dry your eyes. I've seen your face before, and it's time, You opened up, and realized. [Repeat Chorus]

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